As well as popular favourites and easy-to-grow shrubs, we also offer a range of unusual and specimen shrubs. These may not always be hardy and are often suited for conservatories or sheltered walls, but they are eye-catching in both style and flower.

The nursery has large collections of ornamental-stemmed dogwoods (Cornus) and willows (Salix), which add colour in the garden during the dark days of winter. Check out the winter gardens next to the car park to see all these varieties. Other popular selections are the Viburnums and hydrangeas, with breeders now releasing many new and more interesting varieties on to the market. These plants are losing their old-fashioned image and produce white, pink or blue flowers in abundance during spring and late summer.

Trees are now being grafted on the nursery, with a wide range of flowering cherries, ornamental apples and fruit trees grown in the polytunnels and field. Many customers buy these at the early one-year-old stage, for this is much more cost-effective. Japanese Maples (Acers) are also grafted at the nursery; many varieties can be seen, from the weeping forms to upright specimens, in many leaf colours and styles.