Hostas and Heucheras

Four important plant collections are grown at Plants 'n' Gardens, of which two are the Hostas and the Heucheras. Both species are grown for their stunning leaf patterns and colours, with the number of varieties stocked increasing each year.

Hostas are ideal for shady positions but will also tolerate sunnier places in the garden, either in pots or the borders. Look out for the different colours available, from blue, yellow, green and white leaves, to stripes of various patterns and colours. Specimens range in size from the miniature to the very large. Rare varieties may be available in limited numbers, so do contact the nursery if you are making a special journey. Whatever plant you want, there are over 80 varieties to choose from.

The Heuchera collection has increased rapidly in the range of varieties available, offering colours from yellow, silver and copper red to deep bronze. Heucheras make excellent plants for the container and tolerate situations from full sun to shade. The nursery now has over 50 varieties, including the new trailing forms. You can view a selection in the display garden beds when you visit.