Wisterias and Climbers

Most customers are familiar with one or two varieties of wisteria, but at Plants 'n' Gardens over 25 varieties are propagated. These range from the typical blue and purple flowers to the more exotic pink, white and double forms.

Three types are grown: the 'Silky Wisteria' (W. brachybotris) has rounded clusters of scented flowers, with many colours available; the 'Chinese Wisteria' (W. sinensis) has blooms shaped like bunches of grapes – this is the most commonly grown variety; and the 'Japanese Wisteria' (W. floribunda) has narrow clusters of flowers hanging up to two feet from the stems.

These are all grafted, ensuring that flowering starts at an early age. Customers can visit the wisteria orchard at the nursery, where many of the varieties are grown as mature plants. Visiting from April to May will show the flowers at their best.